Calendar Photo Contest

The Goshen Good Neighbor Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable fund to assist residents of Goshen, Connecticut in times of emergency.



You are cordially invited to join in the fun and celebrate the beauty and community of Goshen, Connecticut!
2016 Goshen Calendar Photo Contest
The Goshen Good Neighbor Fund, Inc.

Our 7th annual 2016 Goshen Good Neighbor Calendar will feature 13 photographs which capture the essence of our special community…pastoral scenes, barns, stone walls, celebrated events, it’s people…pictures which portray both the serenity and vibrancy of “this town above all others.”

We are looking for photos depicting each season…spring, summer, autumn and winter!!!

Contest runs through June 30, 2015 

All entries must be received by June 30, 2015.

Entry fee: $10 per entry (includes submission of up to 2 photographs)


*Photograph must be available digitally so that it, if selected, can be sent electronically for upload and at a high resolution.

*Photograph must have been taken in Goshen, Connecticut.
*If photo contains identifiable faces, the people must be identified and permission received to use their likeness.

*No Maximum entries per entrant.
*Photos must be 8 x 10 LANDSCAPE (horizontal) orientation, not portrait (vertical).

*Photos may be in color or true B&W, no sepia or other monotone.

*Please do not submit photos with time/date settings or decorative borders, or which need to be trimmed or cropped.
*Photographer’s name, address, phone number, email (if available) AND the location where photo was taken should be printed neatly on a post-it note affixed to the back of each photo submitted.
*Checks should be made payable to The Goshen Good Neighbor Fund, Inc.

*Contest is open to all age 12 and over.
*A limited supply of calendars will be printed in late summer of 2015.
*Calendars will be on sale at various Goshen businesses and at the 2015 Goshen Fair.
*An art showcase featuring ALL submitted photos will be held at The Goshen Public Library.
* Photo(s) will not be returned.

Photo contest submissions may be dropped off at The Goshen Public Library by June 30th, 2015


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