Goshen Good Neighbor Fund Inc.


In 1977, a small group of concerned Goshen residents joined together to raise funds to meet the emergency needs of a neighbor.  That act of neighbors working together to assist a neighbor led to the formation of the Goshen Good Neighbor Fund, Inc.

In the years the organization has been operating, there have been over eighty (80) families assisted in times of emergency need.  Financial support, whether small or large, is addressed to the best of the Fund’s abilities and expedited in a timely manner.

“Thank you so much for helping me through this trying time.  The enormous generosity of the Goshen Good Neighbor Fund is deeply appreciated, and words cannot express my gratitude…”

The Goshen Good Neighbor Fund, Inc. services those who live in Goshen, CT and who, for whatever reason, find themselves in need of emergency financial assistance.  If you or someone you know has a need, we invite you to contact Kit Wright, President, or any member of the board listed below.  Requests are always handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Concerns about the current economy and an anticipated increased need for help with utility payments and home heating oil this winter could easily impact the availability of assistance money.  It is our hope that funds will always be available for those who need it.  Please consider helping in that effort by becoming a supporter of the Goshen Good Neighbor Fund, Inc with a donation in any amount comfortable for you.  Your contribution will enable the organization of continue meeting residents’ needs. Checks can be made payable to “The Goshen Good Neighbor Fund” and mailed to this address:

The Goshen Good Neighbor Fund, Inc.

P.O. Box 492

Goshen, CT  06756

 We thank you for your ongoing support of this community fund.                      

  • Marcia Barker, Secretary 860-491-2368 
  • Dora Csehak 860-618-5401
  • Allen Kinsella  860-491-3720 
  • Dan Kobylenski  860-491-0101
  • Frankie Pardon 860-491-2056
  • Matt Sweet 860-491-3979
  • Lisa Tillmann  860-491-5472
  • Lu-Ann Zbinden 860-491-3399
  • Kit Wright, President 860-491-2419
  • Carol Aldrich, Treasurer 860-491-3049                                  

Please note:  Gifts to The Goshen Good Neighbor Fund are tax deductible based on the Fund’s 501(c)(3) Public charity status.  No exchange of goods, services or property are provided by The Goshen Good Neighbor Fund, Inc. in relation to charitable gifts.

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